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    The Armor Journal magazine is published by the Waddling Penguin Publishing LLC and is the only English language print and digital periodical fully dedicated to the history of armored fighting vehicles (AFV), artillery and armored warfare. This is not a specialized publication for military professionals only; our magazine is intended for an audience of all ages and occupations.
    The goal of our magazine is to share the knowledge of history, technology and people behind the subject of armored military vehicles. The Armor Journal features articles on the development of armored military vehicles and artillery and their history as well as the history of armored units; we publish reports from various military museums and we plan to have interviews on these topics as well. Photography is a major part of the magazine. To include valuable information for armor scale modelers, we are publishing photo walkarounds, in-depth build articles and reviews of model kits. We will be staying away from the “out-of-the-box” builds; there are plenty of those in scale modeling publications. In our builds and reviews, we will be comparing models to the real prototypes while using every available reference material: manuals, books, archival documents, and photographs.
    The idea of the magazine was born out of a passion for the subject and the need to share the knowledge of the topic. However, it was also the time to start breaking myths circulating since the late 1960s, when due to the increased popularity of the hobby of scale modeling, the topic of armored military vehicles started becoming very popular too. The available information at that time was minimal and military historians had to either use unreliable sources or make guesses themselves. Unfortunately, even in our days of global communication, these old myths are continuing to persist. That is where we come in. Our goal is to bring you the most reliable information possible, dispel those myths and share how things really are (or were) according to the actual documents and historical evidence.
    Occasionally you can see bits and pieces of this information in some other publications dedicated to scale modeling or general military history, but in the Armor Journal magazine you can have it all in one place. Over the past three years, we were able to assemble a really great team of people. While we come from different backgrounds and different countries, we all share the same passion for the subject. Our staff and contributors include (but is not limited to) professional military historians and museum researchers, former and currently serving military personnel (including armor), military educators, armor restorers, photographers, graphic designers, etc. Most of us have been published before the Armor Journal magazine was born.
    But just like we enjoy contributing, we welcome your feedback too. How are we doing? Are we meeting your expectations? Is there anything you would like us to write about? We would like the Armor Journal to be a two-way communication device. We are not interested in preaching; we are interested in discussion. Write to us, let us know how we are doing and tell us what you would like to see on our pages.
    Thanks again for your support and please enjoy the Armor Journal magazine!